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Capture your essence and share it with others.


Recent college grad


"I would highly recommend the Identity Mapping® program for anyone who may be frustrated, unclear, or generally unhappy with where they are."

Starting Career


“After my sessions with Susan, I felt empowered to awaken resilience in others as well as myself and consider new options."

Starting own business


"It is amazing to me how someone could cut through the brambles and help me to see things more clearly and I now feel re-energized with a new focus."

Mid career changer


"Susan guided me to self-produce a beautifully succinct yet full color picture of my Life Force. This is now a vivid tangible 'thing' for me that directs my choices, energizes my efforts, focuses my edge, and frames my approach to daily endeavors. I am very grateful to Susan for this asset and am excited to very clearly take who I am out into the world."

Third career


"I found the process that Susan took me through extraordinarily effective, easy and insightful, but her tenacity and brilliance in working with me, my questions, concerns, and occasional resistance, is what really made all the difference in the world.

Semi Retired


"As a result of Identity Mapping®, I am now in the process of creating new workshops, seminars, and retreats for people in their 60-80's. I am directed by a spirit within me or an inner knowing that fosters my gift of 'daring visibility.' It is my gift that keeps on giving, to me and to others." 

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