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About Susan

Find your voice among the ocean of voices; a friend to help guide you through the sea of uncertainty.

My Journey

For years, I thought I knew who I was and yet I was driven by what I lacked, instead of what I loved. I was stuck. I needed more joy in my life. To feel alive again!

Through the Identity Mapping® Program, I learned to tap into my intuition and redirect my life in service to something bigger than myself…something to give the world.


  • Self-discovery

  • Awareness

  • Perspective

  • Empowerment

  • Intention

Susan Gannon

My Life Force is 


which is creative growth, connection, and breaking new ground. I inspire others to courageously renew by awakening possibilities that engage their life purpose.


  • Experience what makes you come alive!

  • Do more of what you love

  • Be true to yourself

  • Give your gift to others

  • Stand up and be counted for something

Training and Certifications

  • Certified in Positive Psychology - Based Health and Well-being Coach, College of Executive Coaching, 2023

  • Certified Grief Educator - Grief Expert, David Kessler, 2023

  • Certified in Identity Mapping® Program - The Identity Circle, LLC, with master teachers Larry Ackerman and Shannon Patterson, 2015

  • Advanced Coaching, Bigger Game Coaching, Laura Whitworth, 2002

  • Executive Coaching, New School for Performance and Development,1998 

  • Certified to conduct Transition Management Seminars, William Bridges Associates, 1996



  • “Sorting Through Stuff and Finding Myself: Organizing Lessons Learned Along the Way” featured in Adult Advice, Volume 10, Issue 4 - Fall 2005 - the quarterly newsletter of

  • "The Mentor Link: Bridging Education and Employment" in the Journal of College Placement, Bethlehem, PA, Fall 1980

Teaching/Speaking Engagements

  • Instructor, Procrastination, Westchester Jewish Community Services, 2012

  • Adjunct Professor, Motivation, Master of Science-Organizational Leadership for Mercy College at Con-Ed, 1998,1999

  • Guest Speaker, "Motivation and Transformation" and "How to Be a Change Agent in Today's Organization. Survival Skills for Today's Leaders" at Mercy College, 1998, 1999

  • Provided numerous career workshops in colleges, universities, and career transition firms which included self-assessment, career change, networking, and interview training



  • Master in Education - Tufts University

  • Management Studies Certificate - Cornell & Pace University

  • Bachelor of Arts - University of Denver

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