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My Journey

I thought I knew who I was, yet carried around this uneasy feeling that there was something more. I felt disconnected and stuck. ​I needed to press the reset button.

In other words, I was at a crossroads and felt like a caged bird driven by what I lacked, instead of what I love.

I learned to tap into my own intuition and redirect my life in service to something bigger than myself…something to give the world.


It took some digging to realize the positive themes and patterns in my life (life force). The process empowered me to shift my thinking, giving me a new perspective to realize and express my true value in the world.


  • I experience what makes me come alive!

  • I do more of what I love

  • My attention is more focused

  • I am more me than I ever have been

  • I am giving my gift to others


My life force is COURAGEOUS RENEWAL, which is creative growth, connection, and breaking new ground. I inspire others to courageously renew by awakening possibilities that engage their true purpose.

Who am I? What makes me special?

What do I have to give to the world?

I needed to know.


  • Crossroads

  • Dissatisfied

  • Disconnected

  • Stuck


  • Self-realization  

  • Shift thinking

  • Gain new perspective

  • Empower
  • See true value

  • Clarify contribution


  • Come alive

  • Do what I love

  • Focused and clear

  • Hear my voice

  • Share with the world


I inspire others to courageously renew by awakening possibilities that engage their true purpose.


Susan has a practice in Westchester County and has worked in several large corporations, career transition firms, and college career planning offices. 


After graduating from Tufts University with a Master in Education, Susan worked with a career counselor who helped her "point her compass north." She started her new direction as an intern at Harvard University's Office of Career Services and Off-Campus Learning.


Susan has helped numerous people to translate their gifts and talents into meaningful life-career choices and to identify new paths consistent with their natural strengths to make a difference.

Training and Certifications

  • Certified in Identity Mapping® Program, The Identity Circle, LLC, with master teachers Larry Ackerman and Shannon Patterson, 2015

  • Additional training in Identity Mapping® Program for Coaches, The Identity Circle, LLC, 2015

  • Trained in the Enneagram, The Liberating Power of the Enneagram with master teachers Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb, The Shift Network, 2015

  • Trained in MBTI® Step II, (advanced MBTI training), NY APT, 2003 and Qualified by APT in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), 1993 

  • Advanced Coaching, Bigger Game Coaching, Laura Whitworth, 2002

  • ADD Coaching. How to Spot! How to Coach It! Sue Coleman, 2002 and 2003

  • Executive Coaching, New School for Performance and Development,1998 

  • Certified to conduct Transition Management Seminars, William Bridges Associates, 1996



  • “Sorting Through Stuff and Finding Myself: Organizing Lessons Learned Along the Way” featured in Adult Advice, Volume 10, Issue 4 - Fall 2005 - the quarterly newsletter of

  • "The Mentor Link: Bridging Education and Employment" in the Journal of College Placement, Bethlehem, PA, Fall 1980

Teaching/Speaking Assignments

  • Instructor, Procrastination, Westchester Jewish Community Services, 2012

  • Adjunct Professor, Motivation, Master of Science-Organizational Leadership for Mercy College at Con-Ed, 1998,1999

  • Guest Speaker, "Motivation and Transformation" and "How to Be a Change Agent in Today's Organization. Survival Skills for Today's Leaders" at Mercy College, 1998, 1999

  • Provided numerous career workshops in colleges, universities, and career transition firms which included self-assessment, career change, networking, and interview training



  • Master in Education - Tufts University

  • Management Studies Certificate - Cornell & Pace University

  • Bachelor of Arts - University of Denver

About Susan

Susan Gannon
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Begin to listen to yourself and see the world through

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