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Unique Approach

We begin with a 90 minute intake session which gives you the opportunity to tell your story and discuss what you want. This is a customized process, so length will vary depending on your individual needs. You have the option to work in person, on the phone, or on Skype.

After the initial session, we begin the Identity Mapping® modules.


In your Identity Mapping® program, you will clarify the unique, value-creating characteristics that make you who you are and help you create a plan for activating them in your work, relationships, and life.

Identity Mapping® is a registered trademark of The Identity Circle, LLC.

  • SELF-DISCOVERY - Strengthening your sense of self by honoring your uniqueness.

  • HIDDEN STRENGTHS - Discovering your natural strengths that mirror who you are.

  • LIFE PATTERNS - Identifying your Life Force by looking at patterns in your life…the source of your real power.

  • PURPOSE - Articulating who you are and why you are here. Some would say it is your calling. When you have purpose, you have more intention and capacity to initiate action. You may even decide to put this simple statement on your business card.

Momentum for Growth, LLC provides you with an opportunity to discover and express your true purpose by unearthing your natural and often hidden strengths.


By stepping back and answering important questions, you can pay attention to the voice inside. You will begin to see your life patterns that will clarify your next steps. This self-discovery process is not therapy or a self-improvement program, but an opportunity to look anew and see your gift through your own eyes. This understanding allows you to be more intentional and give birth to something tangible that directs your choices and focuses your life. With this self-awareness comes a responsibility to give your gift away to the people who want it and need it the most.   

  • Unearth

  • Discover

  • Clarify

  • Access

  • Transform

  • Activate


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Find your voice among the ocean of voices; a friend to help guide you through the sea of uncertainty.

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